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You are at a “crossroads” in your life, as you are at every minute of every day.  Every decision you make will influence your life in one way or the other.  But, you are only going to make one decision and you can never make the wrong one.  If you feel it is wrong, it may be that you have a lesson to learn or you will achieve something or find out something just because of that decision.

What we are focusing on here however is making the right decisions in light of understanding who you are and what that means to you.

Through a tailor made course that is created to suit your needs you can find out what you really want while being supported every step of the way.

Your first step is to decide that you want to make a change…

We offer two options.  On line or not.  If you are worried about putting your personal worries and information on a medium that can be read by others then I am happy to organise your course “by post” so that nothing on line can be linked to you personally.  This would take away any possibility of information being seen if that is a worry that you have.


If you would rather keep everything off line then please send me a letter at:

Angela Timms, Old Castle, Llangain, Carmarthen, SA33 5BD.

I will then send you a questionnaire and information and if you wish to sign up for a course you are welcome to pay me by cheque or postal order.

Alternatively, please email me at serenitywildhare@yahoo.com and we can discuss how I can help you.