Finding Your Space

Finding your space doesn’t just have to mean finding a place to sit and think and work.  It can also mean finding your space in your own mind to allow yourself to be creative.  If your life is busy then finding that time to be creative can be difficult if you feel guilty about it.  But, you can be creative in all things.

If you are laying a table or setting food on a plate you can still express your creativity.  When you write a report, formulate a sentence, arrange some flowers, set out your desk… anything and everything is creativity in one way.

Where is your private space?  Where can you go to be you and to think?  Is it walking the dog?  Is it while coming home on the train or bus?  Your personal space doesn’t have to be a quiet room with nobody else in it.

Being creative is a natural state of being.  Every minute of every day we are creating something, even if it is just Carbon Dioxide!  Every thought, every word, everything you do adds to this world.  When you look out at an image, just look around you now.  That one moment is now gone.  But, everything you saw is part of the creation of that scene.  One fraction of a second it is changed as everything has moved on.  The world has turned, dust in the air has moved,  a twig or leaf has moved.  Anyone looking at a scene you are in at any point at any time of the day has you in that scene and you are part of the creation of that scene.  That perfect moment that will never be the same again but you were important in that image.

You are creative…

What do you see as being creative?

What do you really want in life?

How do you see yourself?

Are you happy with yourself?

How do you think that others see you?

Are you happy with how others see you?

Do you let life make decisions for you or do you prefer to be in control?

Do you need to suffer and do you feel safe in your suffering?

Are you afraid of success as it involves setting aside the security blanket of failure…?

Can you turn a negative situation into a positive one?

Why are you doing certain things?

What do you want to achieve?

Do you know how to ground yourself?

Do you know how to protect yourself from the ill will of others?

Do you understand yourself?

Do you understand others?

Do you feel you should always be doing something?

Do you find happiness in the success of others?



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