From Survival to Finding Your Dragon

Recovering your self and your inner creativity.

Finding your inner “self” means that you can deal with anything that comes your way.  You don’t know your strength until you are tested.  If you are then that is when your inner strength will be there to help you.

Life is never easy.  For some people it is easier than others and they are lucky.  If you are not one of those people then you will find your life full of challenges and those who would make you less than you are.

Finding your Inner Dragon is finding that part of you that will help you survive, whatever the situation.  You are of course stronger than you think that you are.  Faith in yourself and knowing that you have that strength is the first step to your “dragon” flying free.

There are many situations that you will have to deal with every day.  Sometimes those situations call for you to be strong and take control.  Sometimes they call for you to step back, take a breath and accept that someone else needs to take control.  In all aspects you are dealing with others and that will involve a certain amount of self control.  All situations are different.  Sometimes you have to step back and let someone else think they have “won”, that is a true strength as if you let them win, they have never truly won and you will know deep down the true situation.

If this is what you are looking for then together we will take the journey for you to find that inner confidence.

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