Office Survival & Personal Power Development

Time is precious so we should spend it well.  In the mad dash to “achieve” finding an inner calm and “time to hear yourself think” is essential.  Where decisions can be life changing it is essential that these choices are right and to do this having that inner calm can give you the edge.

This course is for everyone.  It encourages a positive outlook on life, helps you to find out what you truly want and through this helps you take the first step on the road to achieving your life goals.

The course is designed to investigate many aspects of everyday life in the workplace or to address your life if you are yet to establish your career, if you are retired and also if your life is not based in the working environment.  It is aimed at helping you to identify pointers as to how you can make your environment help and support you.

During this course you will be asked to look at various aspects of your life.  It is personally tailored to you so as issues arise you can deal with them.


Angela Timms worked in the City of London as a Legal Secretary for 15 years.  She also worked as a Patent and Trade Mark Secretary with a London Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys.  This gave her a real insight into working successfully in a high stress environment and how to develop time management skills, a good work/life balance, valuable life skills and she would be delighted to help you along your journey to a happier working and home life.

Half way through her working career Angela discovered the College of Psychic Studies and decided to do a Psychic Development Course.  This involved undertaking a Personal Development Course first which she found life changing.  The course was designed to not only improve creativity but to remove the blockages which stop an individual succeeding in achieving dreams and ambitions.

Following the Creativity Course, Angela has studied Spiritual Healing, Psychometry, Reiki (Master Level), Animal Healing, Shamanic Travelling, Proof of Survival, Spirit Progression and she has developed as a psychic sensitive and a medium.  All of which was balanced with a professional career as a Secretary to the Senior Partner and other Partners in Grays Inn and Kings Bench Walk Firms and in the latter part of her career as a Patent & Trade Mark Secretary to a Partner in a Holborn Attorneys in her spare time helping with local issues and other projects.

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