Why should I do this course?

Do you feel that you need to make a change in your life?  If so then you already have the answer to the question.  Here we deal in solutions and you already have all the solutions that you need, you just need to think about it and put the other “clutter” of the modern world out of the way.

The enemy to your progress is actually yourself.  There are always many reasons why you cannot do what you feel that you want to do.  There is always tomorrow…

Well today you are being offered the option of someone to help you.  I am going to make it easy for you.

I do ask that you join up and pay an initial fee of twenty pounds.  This is your initial commitment to the course.  For that I will set you up on my system and you will receive a questionnaire to fill in.  You can either receive this via email or if you would rather keep your personal information off of “radar” I am happy for you to do a correspondence course.  You are welcome to handwrite your answers and post them to me.  I will then handwrite my response.  That way none of your personal details or information will be placed on any system that can be retrieved by anyone!  You can’t get better data protection than that.

You are welcome to send me a cheque and handwritten information to:

Angela Timms, Old Castle, Llangain, Carmarthen, SA33 5BD.

You will then receive a printed questionnaire which you can fill in by hand and post back to me.  I will send you printed information and your course which is tailor made to you but, it will not be emailed and it will never contain any of your personal details.  It will be printed and posted to you.

Otherwise, please email me and send me a Paypal Payment to serenitywildhare@yahoo.com and I send you your questionnaire via email and we can start your course.

To start with I am not inviting students to come here.  We do not have an infrastructure in place here for guests as we are a smallholding and there are no residential buildings.  It may be that later on we will run courses nearby with a residential option at the local hotel in St Clears but for now we are starting the courses both postal and via email/messenger.


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