Reiki Therapy & Your Personal Journey

You are welcome to let the ancient healing art of Reiki help you to find inspiration, balance and happiness.  I was taught the traditional Usui System of Reiki by an inspirational woman, Xenia Tran.  This, incorporated with a personal development course offers you the option to make substantial changes in your life and to support you while you make those changes.  Through the course you will learn to strengthen your trust in yourself and your abilities and how to connect with the deep source of love within.

Time is precious and you should spend it well.  In the mad dash to achieve, finding the inner calm that gives it purpose and the “time to think” that will be your greatest asset can be forgotten.  When you are making decisions that are life changing, that is the time to have all your “assets” able to be used.  This is usually the time when finding that inner calm and peace is the hardest to achieve.

I acknowledge that your time is precious and although initially I had written the course to be residential it is also possible to undertake the course on a one to one basis at “distance” using the internet, emails and chat.

The first step you have to take though it to want to make those changes.  I can only help you on the way, I can’t make you change and I wouldn’t want to.  You already have all the skills that you need to make that change, I’m just here to help you and support you along the way.

There is no point putting forward a structure for you to follow.  That is why each course is better tailored to your needs and the time that you have available.  You can have as much or as little interaction as you like and you can leave the course at any time if you feel that you have achieved your goal or if you feel that the course is not for you.

It may be that the course sparks a big change in your life.  It may be that you find out that you are happy exactly where you are and doing what you are doing with a few changes.  This is your journey to take and the questions are yours to answer.

The course is designed to investigate many aspects of everyday life and to give you hints and pointers as to how you can make your environment help and support you.

Your answers, correspondence and anything that we discuss as part of your course is confidential.

As part of your journey you will be asked to look at various aspects of your life.  This is reflected in things that you will be asked to do as part of the course.  These things are of course optional but advised.

I have been through many situations in my life which have taught me through the “School of Life” that your inner strength is all that really matters when it comes to dealing with most situations.  If you can stand with the storm raging around you and keep your head clear so that you can think clearly then you can make those amazing changes that you really need.

It is easy to get your feet stuck in a rut and to keep plodding on.  When you step outside that rut then a whole world opens up.  But, it is a big world and there are those who will not see your journey as you see it.  Once you step off the main conveyor belt towards death you are forging your own route.  One that will make you happy in the long run but it may be a difficult one while you are on the journey.  If you can learn to enjoy the journey, learn from it, help it to make you grow, then when you get to the temporary destination you will be better for it.

At College they were constantly saying “Leap and the Net Will Find You”.  It is a huge statement as no doubt for you, as it was for me, you will have a secure job and a path that seems carved in stone to all the normal things that people wish to achieve.  What I am trying to emphasise with the course it that you don’t have to give up all those things.  If it is not your path then giving everything up and going to live in a woodland is not going to make you happy!  What you need to do is to address what really makes you happy.  You can have dreams and hopes but many dreams and hopes are better left that way.  What we need to address is what you really NEED to achieve.

That is the starting point.  The rest is the journey and I’m here if you need me to help you along the way.



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