Reiki Therapy & Your Personal Journey

You are welcome to let the ancient healing art of Reiki help you to find inspiration, balance and happiness.  I was taught the traditional Usui System of Reiki by an inspirational woman, Xenia Tran.  This, incorporated with a personal development course offers you the option to make substantial changes in your life and to support you while you make those changes.  Through the course you will learn to strengthen your trust in yourself and your abilities and how to connect with the deep source of love within.

Time is precious and you should spend it well.  In the mad dash to achieve, finding the inner calm that gives it purpose and the “time to think” that will be your greatest asset can be forgotten.  When you are making decisions that are life changing, that is the time to have all your “assets” able to be used.  This is usually the time when finding that inner calm and peace is the hardest to achieve.

I acknowledge that your time is precious and although initially I had written the course to be residential it is also possible to undertake the course on a one to one basis at “distance” using the internet, emails and chat.

The first step you have to take though it to want to make those changes.  I can only help you on the way, I can’t make you change and I wouldn’t want to.  You already have all the skills that you need to make that change, I’m just here to help you and support you along the way.

There is no point putting forward a structure for you to follow.  That is why each course is better tailored to your needs and the time that you have available.  You can have as much or as little interaction as you like and you can leave the course at any time if you feel that you have achieved your goal or if you feel that the course is not for you.

It may be that the course sparks a big change in your life.  It may be that you find out that you are happy exactly where you are and doing what you are doing with a few changes.  This is your journey to take and the questions are yours to answer.

The course is designed to investigate many aspects of everyday life and to give you hints and pointers as to how you can make your environment help and support you.

Your answers, correspondence and anything that we discuss as part of your course is confidential.

As part of your journey you will be asked to look at various aspects of your life.  This is reflected in things that you will be asked to do as part of the course.  These things are of course optional but advised.

I have been through many situations in my life which have taught me through the “School of Life” that your inner strength is all that really matters when it comes to dealing with most situations.  If you can stand with the storm raging around you and keep your head clear so that you can think clearly then you can make those amazing changes that you really need.

It is easy to get your feet stuck in a rut and to keep plodding on.  When you step outside that rut then a whole world opens up.  But, it is a big world and there are those who will not see your journey as you see it.  Once you step off the main conveyor belt towards death you are forging your own route.  One that will make you happy in the long run but it may be a difficult one while you are on the journey.  If you can learn to enjoy the journey, learn from it, help it to make you grow, then when you get to the temporary destination you will be better for it.

At College they were constantly saying “Leap and the Net Will Find You”.  It is a huge statement as no doubt for you, as it was for me, you will have a secure job and a path that seems carved in stone to all the normal things that people wish to achieve.  What I am trying to emphasise with the course it that you don’t have to give up all those things.  If it is not your path then giving everything up and going to live in a woodland is not going to make you happy!  What you need to do is to address what really makes you happy.  You can have dreams and hopes but many dreams and hopes are better left that way.  What we need to address is what you really NEED to achieve.

That is the starting point.  The rest is the journey and I’m here if you need me to help you along the way.




About your tutor…

Angela has a balance between “School of Life” and academic qualifications.  She has always been an “advisor”, even from an early age.  Her life has not been easy but each step of the way brought an experience which is now invaluable.  How can anyone understand another if they cannot know how they feel?

Academically Angela has 14 O’Levels and 3 A’Levels.  She did not opt for University and turned down her place at Queen Mary College London (Geography) in favour of a position as a Management Trainee with Midland Bank.

Angela was lucky enough to be offered a position in the Secretariat of the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England.  It was a perfect opportunity to see an organisation set up.

Angela has always been a writer.  So when she was offered a position as Editorial Secretary in the Special Interests Division of Collins Publishers she was delighted.  It was an option to work on subjects that she loved and she was offered a training course as an Editor.  Working for the Senior Commissioning Editor and three others was a wonderful experience and it was truly a dream job.

Sadly she had to give her job up and move to Corfe Mullen, Wimborne, Dorset as her partner’s job was not going well and he was offered a position at Abbey Life in Bournemouth.  They got married and moved and after six months of living in a B&B they moved into a delightful little cottage with 300ft of woodland garden.  It was idyllic other than her husband not getting on with his job and the long drive of spending every weekend in London!  Unfortunately on the spiritual side there was “unfinished business” so an idyllic “retirement” into the countryside, albeit in the perfect house was not to be.  It was a vision of what could be but that had to be at the end of the road, not the beginning.  It soon became evident that the house and location was just a “carrot” and a “distraction” so with a heavy heart Angela returned to London.  This was after a tragic accident which left her with two crushed discs in her back and other injuries which were life changing.  After that daily pain was a part of life.

When she returned to London she quickly found a position at Vernor Miles and Noble, Solicitors, Grays Inn.  It was a wonderful experience and it gave a real insight into the law and how solicitors can make a positive difference to everyone’s life.  Then, she was working in Private Client and that is the “more pleasant” side of the law!  The shared office overlooked Grays Inn “park” and when she got her own office that too had a wonderful view of greenery so it didn’t feel so “London”.

The job did give her an insight into other people’s problems and having been through a divorce herself she began to understand how one change can take someone off of a path which it takes a long time to get back on.

Unfortunately her next partner also found a job in a law firm and it changed him from a lovely caring man that everyone liked to something else.  He became dishonest and daily Angela emotionally set herself aside from him until they too divorced.

The firm reorganised and the Partner for whom Angela worked was no longer part of the Partnership.  The firm kept her on as long as they could but eventually there was a parting of the ways.

Angela returned to Publishing but this time in Advertising and Marketing.  Sadly after a trolley got stuck while moving display boards into a lift Angela’s back became worse and after months off of work which was unfair on her fellow workers Angela let the position go.

During the time that Angela was unable to get around she started writing novels.  They were very basic and lacked polish but that was a start.  She carried on writing through magazines and articles but life overtook the time available for writing so for many years she set that aside.

Life has always been “interesting” and never run of the mill.  The spiritual side has always had a hand in things so when Angela found out about the College of Psychic Studies and began to train a lot of things began to make sense.  What was natural became understood and could be harnessed and used for the greater good.

Through life’s traumas Angela has a great understanding of depression and how a life can change for the worse but she also has had experience of how to turn that around.

While at the College of Psychic Studies she did an adapted Personal Development Course which all students had to do before starting any spiritual training.  This inspired Angela to develop her own course that can be tailored for individuals as everyone is different and everyone’s needs are different.

Angela spent ten years on a remote smallholding in Mid Wales.  This gave time for thought, reflection and a spiritual development of its own based on the need to deal with the realities of everyday life.  So her course is very much for dealing with the “real world” and the problems caused by the insecurities and problems of others.

Since moving to Carmarthen the smallholding side has evolved into keeping goats and a vegetable patch which will hopefully give more time for the spiritual and coaching side of life.

Why should I do this course?

Do you feel that you need to make a change in your life?  If so then you already have the answer to the question.  Here we deal in solutions and you already have all the solutions that you need, you just need to think about it and put the other “clutter” of the modern world out of the way.

The enemy to your progress is actually yourself.  There are always many reasons why you cannot do what you feel that you want to do.  There is always tomorrow…

Well today you are being offered the option of someone to help you.  I am going to make it easy for you.

I do ask that you join up and pay an initial fee of twenty pounds.  This is your initial commitment to the course.  For that I will set you up on my system and you will receive a questionnaire to fill in.  You can either receive this via email or if you would rather keep your personal information off of “radar” I am happy for you to do a correspondence course.  You are welcome to handwrite your answers and post them to me.  I will then handwrite my response.  That way none of your personal details or information will be placed on any system that can be retrieved by anyone!  You can’t get better data protection than that.

You are welcome to send me a cheque and handwritten information to:

Angela Timms, Old Castle, Llangain, Carmarthen, SA33 5BD.

You will then receive a printed questionnaire which you can fill in by hand and post back to me.  I will send you printed information and your course which is tailor made to you but, it will not be emailed and it will never contain any of your personal details.  It will be printed and posted to you.

Otherwise, please email me and send me a Paypal Payment to and I send you your questionnaire via email and we can start your course.

To start with I am not inviting students to come here.  We do not have an infrastructure in place here for guests as we are a smallholding and there are no residential buildings.  It may be that later on we will run courses nearby with a residential option at the local hotel in St Clears but for now we are starting the courses both postal and via email/messenger.


Thoughts on a sunny morning

The sky is blue, the daffodils are brightening the start of the year and the birds are singing.  That is a good start to the day.

This is a day for getting on with things here.  Like many others making sure that the working environment is right is something I have to do as well.  The winter is over as is the year here of seeing how things “are”.  That took patience but it was better to understand.

Nature and life teaches us all a lot and I am always learning.

From Survival to Finding Your Dragon

Recovering your self and your inner creativity.

Finding your inner “self” means that you can deal with anything that comes your way.  You don’t know your strength until you are tested.  If you are then that is when your inner strength will be there to help you.

Life is never easy.  For some people it is easier than others and they are lucky.  If you are not one of those people then you will find your life full of challenges and those who would make you less than you are.

Finding your Inner Dragon is finding that part of you that will help you survive, whatever the situation.  You are of course stronger than you think that you are.  Faith in yourself and knowing that you have that strength is the first step to your “dragon” flying free.

There are many situations that you will have to deal with every day.  Sometimes those situations call for you to be strong and take control.  Sometimes they call for you to step back, take a breath and accept that someone else needs to take control.  In all aspects you are dealing with others and that will involve a certain amount of self control.  All situations are different.  Sometimes you have to step back and let someone else think they have “won”, that is a true strength as if you let them win, they have never truly won and you will know deep down the true situation.

If this is what you are looking for then together we will take the journey for you to find that inner confidence.

Office Survival & Personal Power Development

Time is precious so we should spend it well.  In the mad dash to “achieve” finding an inner calm and “time to hear yourself think” is essential.  Where decisions can be life changing it is essential that these choices are right and to do this having that inner calm can give you the edge.

This course is for everyone.  It encourages a positive outlook on life, helps you to find out what you truly want and through this helps you take the first step on the road to achieving your life goals.

The course is designed to investigate many aspects of everyday life in the workplace or to address your life if you are yet to establish your career, if you are retired and also if your life is not based in the working environment.  It is aimed at helping you to identify pointers as to how you can make your environment help and support you.

During this course you will be asked to look at various aspects of your life.  It is personally tailored to you so as issues arise you can deal with them.


Angela Timms worked in the City of London as a Legal Secretary for 15 years.  She also worked as a Patent and Trade Mark Secretary with a London Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys.  This gave her a real insight into working successfully in a high stress environment and how to develop time management skills, a good work/life balance, valuable life skills and she would be delighted to help you along your journey to a happier working and home life.

Half way through her working career Angela discovered the College of Psychic Studies and decided to do a Psychic Development Course.  This involved undertaking a Personal Development Course first which she found life changing.  The course was designed to not only improve creativity but to remove the blockages which stop an individual succeeding in achieving dreams and ambitions.

Following the Creativity Course, Angela has studied Spiritual Healing, Psychometry, Reiki (Master Level), Animal Healing, Shamanic Travelling, Proof of Survival, Spirit Progression and she has developed as a psychic sensitive and a medium.  All of which was balanced with a professional career as a Secretary to the Senior Partner and other Partners in Grays Inn and Kings Bench Walk Firms and in the latter part of her career as a Patent & Trade Mark Secretary to a Partner in a Holborn Attorneys in her spare time helping with local issues and other projects.


Please copy and paste this form into a Word Document so that you can complete it.  Please then print it out, sign it and post it to Personal Power Development, Old Castle, Llangain, Carmarthen SA33 5BD.



Telephone Number:




Year of Birth:

Marital Status:




MEDICAL HISTORY (where relevant):





ARTIFICIAL AIDS e.g. Pacemaker:




DO YOU SUFFER FROM:  Migraine, Epilepsy, Heart Problems, Breathing Problems, Nervous Conditions, Othe

I enclose a cheque payable to Angela Timms or I have sent a payment via paypal to for my initial set up fee together with …………………….. as start up credit to pay for my one on one training.

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